NEWS! I am proud to join Prof. Lingqi Yan’s group at UC Santa Barbara in fall 2021 as a Ph.D. student.

Hi! I’m Zheng, a Master’s student at Shandong University, supervised by Prof. Lu Wang and Prof. Yanning Xu. I’m also very proud of being advised by Prof. Lingqi Yan and Prof. Beibei Wang.

My research mainly focuses on rendering and material appearance. I believe that rendering is not solved (mainly because of having learned this), and there is still something interesting and challenging we can do.

As my favorite quote from Morgan McGuire goes, good scientists do not just have good ideas, they also iterate through the mediocre ones very quickly to get them out of the way. In the process of time, I can gradually infer the important character traits in research from this quote, including passion, curiosity, quick-learning, tenacity, and perseverance. In practice, I constantly examine whether I have had these qualities and discipline myself to develop them.

To the best of my knowledge, research can be hard, challenging, and discouraging; we sometimes have to work alone, facing consecutive failures, contending tediousness with passion and curiosity continuously. However, for me, research is also exceedingly fulfilling and highly rewarding. I can get tremendous satisfaction from expanding the boundary of human knowledge and collaborating with top-class intelligent researchers.

Thanks for visiting, and I wish you all the best!